Time for a break

Your pal Asha is going to take a break to take care of some things.  I’m not sure how long the break will be, or if I will return to doing the music or just be a fan and patron.  There is plenty of entertainment to go around on Ebon Hawk/Star Forge and I figured it would go unnoticed and the next event would just fill in the space.  I realized that I pulled the plug on things without really saying goodbye to anyone or thanking people. I’ll try to cover that here.

First I’d like to thank the community.  I believe the situation we have is unique and wonderful.  The support you give to the entertainment scene is unparalleled.  Too many names to mention, but if you’ve been tinsel bombed by a big galoot with purple hair you are on the list.  A very special thanks to the crew. Guild Services does a great job supporting their entertainers, I wish I could give everyone a peek behind the curtain during an event so they could see how many people are hard at work to create the atmosphere and the fun environment. I will again avoid naming names for fear of missing someone.  Thanks as well to the other guilds who make things go.  You are all like a giant galactic vagina that keeps popping out friends.  I’ll keep the calendar going and post events if anyone would like to contribute pics or information.  Just contact me if there are any changes in your guild’s events and I’ll correct things on this end.  Enjoy Star Forge!  It should be a great opportunity to grow an already fantastic community.



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