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Second leg of speeder racing takes you to hell and back

The second leg of speeder racing took us to Oricon, where DJ Koshk’a and Draconian Syndicate continued to test the fastest racers in the galaxy.  The fastest of the fast were rewarded with lavish items and cash prizes.  Kaalus took home first prize, followed closely by Omidae and then Balkorro.  Congrats to all of the

Star Forge is coming!

Getting ahead of the coming mergers, Sultana has up and running.  Be sure to sign up and introduce yourself to get all of the latest server news!  I’ll be switching the name of the calender on this site to reflect the change in server name closer to the date.  I’m looking forward to new

Family in town- Asha misses you!

I’m currently entertaining family for my son’s birthday and am MISSING SHOWS! I’ll be back this weekend if it is at all possible. Definitely for the Friday show with Guild Services. If I missed any awesomeness or updates please let me know!

Slavore croons, crowd swoons on The Reborn

Though I arrived late to The Reborn, the flagship of The Resistance, I made up for lost time as I was treated to both DJ Slavore’s singing and his home-brewed mixes!  As usual, the atmosphere was fun and friendly.  My go-to spot for Monday nights.

Plague Party…wait, plague party? Yes, Plague Party!

Live at the Spike on Alderaan, DJ Koshk’a hosted his traveling Thursday party for The Draconian Syndicate at the doorway to the Rakghoul tunnels.  The atmosphere was infectious, as people danced, thrashed and exploded to the hard rock set.  The only one who did not enjoy the festivities was Shellshock.  When the call went out,

Rose Corp- Euphoria fashion show on the Eclipse

Rose Corp started October off with a bang with their Euphoria fashion show.  The evening of dancing culminated in a fashion show, won by Serenna Masoni.  Millions of credits were given out for both high fashion and trivia knowledge.  The music was provided by Guild Services and yours truly.  I had a front row seat

Great Friday at the One Percent!

I had a great time doing the show with DJ GuildMan tonight! The dance floor was packed and the atmosphere was full of love and energy. Thanks to all who came out and made it a night to remember! Special thanks to our guests and our wonderful staff at Guild Services, who make these shows