Vacation Time!

Club Catharsis will be going on vacation!  Kyrrin and Radda will be on their honeymoon and the rest of the crew will be enjoying some time off.  See you all when we get back on the 29th and 30th!

How things have been going

Club Catharsis has been humming along,every Saturday and Sunday at 8 Eastern.  We’ve gotten to know some great people in the SWL community and are really enjoying ourselves.  The game is fun, the shows have been great and I am not regretting my decision to hop games one bit.  Happy Tentacle Radio and Radio Free

Cabal Pride 5

Cabal Pride 5 was hosted by Nine Swords cabal this weekend and was a huge success!  The tunes and MC work were provided by Happy Tentacle Radio’s  DJ Drina.  We had a great time mingling and getting to know people.

Club Catharsis opening weekend

Our new venture in Secret World Legends made its debut this weekend! Club Catharsis kicked off with DJ Deathshadow on Saturday night, followed by yours truly on Sunday night. We had a great time with you all and look forward to spending the weekends with you!

Santa hits the Slopes

I felt a great disturbance in the Force.  As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in merriment and were suddenly…well, they were pretty much screaming until the wee hours.  The Guild Services Christmas party nearly broke the instance!  Merriment, music and snowballs filled the air.  No shortage of presents either!  Manager handed out five

Draconian Syndicate and Draegon Empire Hold Festival of Blood

The Draegon Empire and the Draconian Syndicate hosted a PvP brawl and dance party at the Draegon Empire HQ.  While Dj Koshk’a kept the dance floor hot, there was cold-blooded beatdowns going on in the arena.  Lurt’z took home top honors, followed by Ja’heira in second place and Samuli in third.  Blood, sweat and tears

Updates for December

I have been trying to get the calendar squared away but can always use a hand!  Message me either using the contact form or through Mavari/Asha#5993 on Discord.  Due to medical issues, holiday events and such, I have been unable to attend many events other than the ones I am working.  I plan to remedy