Social Anxiety

In the interest of making my shows and mixes easier for people to find, I’ve recently begun activating (re-activating in some cases) some social media channels I’ve been neglecting lately. I also wanted to start linking to other creative people who I admire, and to the sites where I stream shows. I initially hesitated because the first time I went heavy into social media, it severely reduced my productivity and made it very difficult to focus. I’m going into it this time with the sole intention of getting the word out, experimenting with branding and observing the positive and negative results.

Where this gets a little fuzzy is that most of my streams accompany an MMO (Massively Multiuplayer Online game) setting. A lot of these accounts are IC (In character) posts of the Avatar that I present as the face of my broadcasts. Folks who have played Second Life will be familiar with the concept. A recent example, albeit on a much grander scale, is the show that DJ and music producer Marshmello streamed in Fortnite.

What I’m hoping is that I will be able to incorporate promotions for my mobile DJ business into this same stream of information, and that one may benefit the other. I know for sure that each has its own benefits and challenges, and I am having a great time learning and working on my craft in this particular environment. Time will tell, and I’ll be adjusting as needed. What will immediately improve is the flow of information to people who are interested in learning about who I am and what I do.

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